Need the perfect speech for that important occasion?

Let's face it, unless you are a stand up comedian playing to the same audience every night you probably won't need a full time speechwriter.

But there will be those important events, the ones that really count, and the ones that can make or break your career.

All Speeches are confidential as is all research matter.

A contract can be signed stipulating a confidentiality clause if requested.

Great speakers all know that a well planned, correctly orchestrated speech and rehearsed speech makes all the difference.

President Obama who is regarded as a very accomplished speaker has Jon Favreau, a 31 year old surfer crafting his words.

Want to give the speech your own flavor? We will edit your speech, give pointers about effective speechwriting and even coach you through your speech so that you give a flawless, confident delivery.

If you need a speech written or your delivery coached, you can rely on

The Communication Academy.

Let us help you construct your thoughts into words.

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